Summer Transformation: 12 weeks to a better family life!

The next 12 weeks are probably going to fly by and, before we know it, school’s back in session (yikes!) Have you seen Back to School sales already?!?! It’s REAL! But instead of watching summer pass us by like taking a blurry photo of an active 4 year old photo (I have plenty of those blurry photos of my son … lol!), how about we set out to make this a different summer? Let’s make it a Transformation Summer!

How amazing would it feel to get to the end of summer feeling like a new person (not run down needing a vacation from your vacation?)

Transformation Summer 12 weeks to better family life

Summer Transformation: 12 weeks to a better family life!

Last week, we kicked off the 1st official week of summer in our family. When I looked at the calendar and saw that we had 12 WEEKS before school started in the fall, I freaked out! That’s a lot of weeks to fill up with summer activities!!! WHAT are we going to do??? But then, I thought this was actually GREAT! Instead of dreading it, what if we used that time to make some positive changes in our family? YES!

That’s where I got the idea for this Summer Transformation: 12 weeks to a better family life.

I’m breaking down the transformation into these 4 categories:

  • Personal
  • Home
  • Finances
  • Food & Fitness

Let’s get started with this Summer Transformation Action List!

Just in case you’re SUPER busy like me, I’m keeping the Action List short. That way, we can use these summer weeks as an opportunity to make some changes without getting overwhelmed. (you’re welcome.)

This is my Simple Summer Transformation Action List. If you scroll down, you can sign up for your own list! I’ll be happy to send it to you via email so you can download and print!


  • Pick 1 to 3 things you’ll add to your daily routine to work on YOU (no more than 3 — keep it simple and doable!)
    • Don’t just think about the things. Grab a notepad and write it down, then post it where you can see it! (Trust me on this one. It works!)
  • For me, I’m specifically looking at transforming my Soul/Mind/Body (your list might look different, it’s all about your goals!)
    • 5 to 10 minutes for morning prayer time
    • Join a Bible Study group at church or online (thanks to 2 friends for recent invitations!)
    • Take 5 to 10 minutes before bed for relaxation exercises & journaling


  • I found the answer to help around the home (without hiring a cleaning service). It’s called The Flylady!
  • The Flylady’s website has daily routines, monthly habits and other tips and secrets. I love it because the tips help me take my home from CHAOS to Clean (and she actually makes it FUN!)
  • I’m incorporating the following Flylady routines into our home (or in some cases, keeping the good habits rolling!)
    • Morning Routine
    • Evening routine
    • 15 minutes decluttering challenge (I’m applying this to piles of papers in the dining room, our crazy garage and all the closets.)


  • My hubby and I (and our church) went through money expert Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University (FPU) in January. For this action step, we’re working the plan:
    • Weekly budget meetings (with FPU printables)
    • Tracking spending with the Every Dollar app/website


  • Food:
    • Blast the Sugar Out!
      • I work at a radio station and we recently started a “Blast the Sugar Out” challenge, inspired by Dr. Ian Smith (The Doctors, Rachael Ray and more!)
      • I’m trying to cut out “bad sugars” — so no soda, no sweets, and trying to stick to that 80 to 90% of the time (allowing 10 to 20% cheats to make it sustainable!)
    • 100 Days of Real Food: I love Lisa Leake’s blog about eating real, non-processed food. I’ll be looking at her site and her two cookbooks (which I own) for meal inspirations!
    • eMeals and Instacart! This is a genius combo! A meal plan you can customize and have delivered to your home?!  YES, please!
      • We use the eMeals app to select the meals we want for the week (usually on Fridays). Then, we click the Instacart button on the eMeals app and the groceries appear on our front door. It’s like MAGIC! It’s perfect for prep and freeing up the morning to hang out!
      • Here’s my affiliate link below, so if you check out their FREE 14 day trial and then sign up, I get a small commission that doesn’t cost you a cent! YAY!
  • Fitness:
    • I’m blessed to have a bootcamp trainer, my friend Logan, who is keeping me motivated to work out! My action plan is to keep working out 2 to 3 times a week with Logan at Loganitus Training.
    • I’m also using the free 30 Day Fit Challenge Workout app in the mornings. These are quick, short workouts that I try to squeeze in, whether it’s 10 or 30 minutes (although I always aim for 30!)
      • Personal note: the easy daily workouts go by fast, so I just do a few days until I hit 30 minutes. Checking off multiple days makes me feel EXTRA accomplished!


Want to join me for these 12 weeks of Summer Transformation?

I can just see the improvements in these areas (personal, home, money, food & fitness) really yielding a jaw-dropping family life transformation. That’s better than just doing a “bikini body transformation”, although I’d be fine with that, too! 😉

Let’s do it! Whether you have 12 weeks to go (11 at this point), or even the last 4 weeks before school starts again, let’s make the best of it!

This is the time to have fun, make memories and create some great habits for our family. My oldest is going to middle school in the fall (wow), so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to make sure we have some solid home and family organization systems and habits in place. I’m excited about getting better with meal planning, morning routines, etc… so that when school starts again, we are READY TO DO THIS!!!

You in?! Tell me in the comments! It’s going to be a GREAT Summer!!!

Laughing (and transforming) thru life,


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3 thoughts on “Summer Transformation: 12 weeks to a better family life!

  1. I’ve heard about the no sugar challenge! That’s so intense. I’m focusing on cleaner food and making sure I’m eating properly. Maybe I’ll make the jump to no sugar during the summer. ?

    1. Do it, Virjinia! Even if we cut out just the bad stuff, it makes a difference! 😀 (And I’m by no means at 100%, but little baby steps help!)

  2. Love this transformation! Maybe look into changing uo the daily products you use – and look for safer, better products than the ones offered on store shelves.
    I recently went through all my beauty products and compared them with the reviews on I had dry shampoo that had parabens and body wash with hormone disrupting chemicals in them. It was eye opening.

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