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Check out my book “Whole!”

Is it possible that one book can transform your whole life? The Bible can! And in my first book, "Whole, How One Book Can Transform Your Whole Life", I share simple truths that help you discover just how God's word can transform your life in ways you may have never imagined!

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My 1st book! What a dream come true!

Thank you for checking out my book, "Whole: How One Book Can Transform Your Whole Life!"

There are so many words to describe what I feel, as I share my very 1st book with you. It's hard to pick just one word, but I'll go with this one: surreal.

It is a surreal experience to have your first book out. Wow! Thank you, Lord!

In a nutshell, "Whole" is a glimpse into the one book, the Bible, and how it can transform our whole lives.

Whether you've never stepped foot in a church, used to go or are super involved with a church family you love, this book is about answering two main questions:

1 - Do you know ALL the 66 books of the Bible? (If yes, keep reading. If no, keep reading!) ­čÖé
2 - Can you tell me at least one thing about each book?

If you can, that's awesome! But I have found that a lot of people, even Christians who have gone to church for many years (including me), might be able to tell you about most or all of the books and maybe a few things about many books. But the WHOLE thing? Maybe not 100%.

That's GREAT because in "Whole" I go book by book, starting with the 1:1 verses: Genesis 1:1 and so on. It's literally the tip of the iceberg. "Whole" is a starting point for us to go back through the whole Bible and see what God has for us. What I share is short & simple, so it reads like a Bible devotional, but in language that's normal enough to share with a friend who is not familiar with Biblical lingo.

I can't wait to see how God uses "Whole" to draw you closer to himself, closer to His word, so you can hear Him more every day. He has so much in store for us.

Thank you for checking out my new (and first) book! I pray it blesses you!

Laughing through Life,


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